Seasonal Work in Kerikeri

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If you’d like to work as you travel, Aranga Backpackers is the place to be! Stay with us and we will help you find work.
We have an excellent reputation for arranging good jobs, and organizing transport to those jobs, all year round.

The busiest times of year are January – June, but we can always help you find work anytime of year.

January to Mid February - Mandarin Thinning
Mandarin thinning consists of pulling off the excess fruit so that the remaining fruit grow to a good size. A good understanding of English is required to ensure this is done to the employer’s strict criteria.

March - Laying Tyvek Under Mandarin Trees

Mid April to July- Mandarin Picking, Kiwifruit Picking, Kiwifruit Packing
There are plenty of jobs during this busy time. Most people earn over $90 per day and some earn double this.

A good understanding of English is NOT important for picking jobs.

Kiwifruit picking is paid according to what you pick as a team. You should expect $12-$16 per hour in a good orchard, working 5-8 hours per day. A new team or unmotivated team will earn less and a fit motivated team of experienced pickers will earn more. Kiwifruit must be dry to be picked. Dew at night means you may not be able to start picking until 10 or 11am when the fruit dries. Rainy days may mean there is no picking on that day.

During the rest of the year, fruit picking, packing, general orchard work and a variety of other work is available and we are always happy to help you get work.

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